Stop Driving Performance


The Problem

Why ‘excellence’ is killing your organisation.

The traditional management approach uses a model called 'structural leadership', which is built on the assumption that if you put the best people in the best facilities and have them drive the most efficient processes you will achieve the best results (excellence).

The flaw is that this model limits potential by suffocating creativity and innovation—skills that are critical in the Information Age. In other words, if you put people in a machine they will act like machinists not innovators.

The education world is very similar with staff often focussing on academic performance (passing grades) rather than on true learning and discovery. This over-emphasis on performance stifles passion and talent which is why many entrepreneurs drop out of university to become successful.


The Solution

How do you measure potential?

Leadership in the information age requires an approach that cultivates maximum potential and encourages your staff or students to bring their ‘A game’.

Doing this requires more than just the right ‘structure’. It takes a passionate and innovative culture to produce passionate and innovative people.

Corporations that successfully apply this approach experience a return that is 5.9 times greater than the US stock market over a 10 year period.

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Our Story

Why an elephant never forgets...

According to the ancient Greeks, culture is defined by the habits of its people. In fact, the Greek word 'ethos' literally means 'the place of habit' and was the term used for the stables where they trained horses for war.

In Konni, India, they have been training elephants for centuries and they say that there are three types of teachers: one drives with fear, another manipulates with wit and the third, which is the greatest, wins with love.

Inspired by the latter, Konnii Consulting was founded with a quest to find a different type of model of corporate culture. We started by studying the greatest cultures throughout history and found our epiphany when we looked at religions because of their ability to outlive empires.

Their methods of profoundly shaping cultures at a DNA level has become the cornerstone of the Konnii way.


About Us

The Change-Makers.

The majority of corporate culture programmes are thin and formulaic and, therefore, take too much effort to deliver a return. Culture is more than just values and behaviours, it is also the story, beliefs, symbols, aesthetics, language, codes, rites and rituals that shape the whole environment.

Konnii was created as a dream team of cultural change-agents—myth-makers, philosophers, brand strategists, political campaign managers, film directors, award-winning entrepreneurs, cultural anthropologists and behavioural psychologists—who work together to craft environments of high-potential and effectiveness.

Based on decades of combined experience, and in-depth research into the most remarkable cultures throughout history, we have crafted a revolutionary methodology that works with laser sharp precision to shape culture and unleash potential.


What We Do

We live to empower the change-makers of today by crafting passionate and highly-engaged cultures, causes and movements.
Innovation Ecosystem

We can help build environments that harness and cultivate the creative potential in your organisation making you market leaders in your space.

Management Consulting

We provide high-level strategic planning and problem solving around organizational strategy.

Change Consulting

We facilitate organisational change programmes including mergers and acquisitions. Our programmes are faster and more cost-effective than typical change-management campaigns.

Brand Strategy

Customers today are seeking ‘authentic brands’. Our culture driven model creates fanatical customers who spread your message on your behalf.

Cause & Movement

We facilitate political campaign leaders, social activists and public personalities on how to build a platform and lead change.

Risk & Compliance

With our expertise and in-depth knowledge of international banking regulations we are able to build effective compliance programmes that build a risk-averse culture.

Our Clients

We have no clients.

At Konnii we do not acquire customers; we forge partnerships. Our confidential list of joint-ventures ranges from disruptive startups to multi-national corporations, to banks, to government bodies and NGOs.



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